Barcelona – Please Don’t Go (With Drums)

18 08 2009

I recently fell in love with a song called “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona. The song is gorgeous and recently gained a good amount of added exposure when it was featured in a YouTube video of the Kuroshio Sea exhibit in Okinawa, the second-largest indoor aquarium in the world.

Even though the song is excellent in its original form, and I highly recommend purchasing the album (as I did), I kept finding myself trying to drum along to the song in my head. I finally decided that I had to record a drum track and then remaster the original with my track added. So I did.

As an introduction to the song, here’s the Kuroshio Sea video so you can hear the original version. (The video is well worth watching in its 5-minute entirety, both for the beautiful song and the beautiful footage. Whale sharks, can you even imagine? What an incredible exhibit. I will visit this someday.)

And then there’s my version with the drum track added. A few quick notes on this version:

  • First, I was aiming for a very ethereal drum track that would complement, rather than detract from, the dreamlike feel of the original version of the song, hence all the washy reverb. I realized there was a chance it would sound a little big-hair with that much reverb, but the cleaner, unprocessed recording just sounded like it was trying to compete with the piano. The verbier one blended into the strings much more nicely.
  • Second, I would like to point out that I am very humbly submitting this version of the song to the blogosphere, realizing full well that the original song was very well crafted without needing any interference on my part. I can just picture the members of Barcelona hearing this version and saying, “Oh man, what on earth did this guy do to our song?”
  • Third, I will be the first to admit that Rhett Sloanlake, the band’s drummer, could have laid down drums for this track much better than I did. I’m no professional; I’m just some guy with a coffeeshop in the middle of nowhere. In the unlikely event that anyone ever notices or hears this version, please know that it is being offered with much respect and out of love for the original song itself. This is the version I heard in my head every time I listened to the original, and thus decided I needed to actualize.

So, without further ado, here it is:

Barcelona – Please Don’t Go (With Drums)

And finally, here’s a link to the downloadable file of my remastered version with the drum track added. I have a request to make, however. If you intend to download this version, please, PLEASE support the original recording artist by FIRST buying the original track. It can be purchased for just 99 cents on iTunes ( or ZunePass. Even better, buy the whole album (like I did), which is well worth owning.

Download Link:

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