A Dollar

8 03 2009

Let me tell you one of the reasons I love my wife: she can, without fail, come up with the one line in any situation that will make me laugh the hardest. I think she knows me and my sense of humor so well that she can consistently come up with the completely unexpected remark that makes me say, “That was the funniest thing you could have possibly said right that second.”

Breakfast this morning came from the grocery store bakery. The kids and I had donuts, but Liesl opted for cheese danish. This would only happen on a Sunday, because my wife the superwoman has been doing an amazing job taking control of her diet. Sundays are the day she allows herself a little flexibility. It was a large danish, the kind you set out for everyone  at the breakfast table. Knowing that she probably wouldn’t eat any more of the danish after today, and that there would probably be quite a bit left over, I joked that she had better finish off the whole danish while it was still Sunday.

“I’ll give you a dollar if you eat that whole thing in one sitting,” I teased. Without missing a beat, she looked at me and said with absolute confidence, “You’ll give me a dollar if I tell you to give me a dollar.”

I laughed hard. She’s totally right.




10 responses

8 03 2009
Emily Straw

LOL good man 🙂

9 03 2009
Jenn Kotowski Sinks

That’s too funny Rob…she is the boss applesauce!!

9 03 2009

Fantastic. I love that woman.

9 03 2009

I have no idea where she ever saw that kind of attitude displayed! 😉

10 03 2009

Haha! My nephew says things like that all the time. You think you can outsmart them sometimes, but every now and then they’ll show ya up!

Great story. Thanks for sharing =)

12 03 2009

I like Liesl and I’ve never met her. Hear her roar! 😀

24 03 2009

That was the perfect comic rejoinder. The timing. The idea. The brevity. Perfect. ROTFL!

26 03 2009

Love that Liesl!

30 03 2009

I think I like your wife!

5 04 2009

That’s pretty funny. Do you reckon we could draft her to run for President in 2012?

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