Two Discoveries

19 02 2009

I made two incredible discoveries this week, both of which involve the grocery store Safeway.

The first discovery was that there is, in fact, a place to get sushi in Gallup. This is a huge deal. Up to this point, I have been thinking the absence of sushi is one of the reasons I could never stay in Gallup forever. This week, I found it at Safeway. Now, do keep in mind that grocery store sushi is kind of like the equivalent of getting a steak at the Golden Corral versus a steak at a real steakhouse. But the point is that when you’ve lived for nine months in a town completely devoid of one of your favorite foods, even a cheap imitation is extremely exciting. The grocery store sushi is strictly limited to California Rolls, which contain no raw fish but rather fully-cooked imitation crab, so there’s not really a freshness issue. But just having access to the magical combination of seafood, sushi rice and seaweed is beyond exciting to me.

The second discovery came on the same trip to Safeway. They’re in the middle of remodeling the store. They had cleared out a large space along the front wall of the store. I assumed they were putting in a supermarket branch for a bank, but it’s so much better than that. This week, they put up the sign, and immediately I could taste the Caramel Frappuccinos and Toffee Nut Lattes.

That’s right, folks. On March 23, 2009, inside the Safeway on Highway 602, Gallup will celebrate the opening of its very first… Starbucks.




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19 02 2009
Jamie Amundgaard


I so feel your pain! When we moved to Cheyenne, we found 1 place that served Sushi…at sushi prices no less. It was soooo bad that we never went back. I think it was another 7 months before i traveled to Ft. Collins for good sushi!

Starbucks is another “Oprah” …No drive thru in Cheyenne, and none in the grocery store either. With kids, who wants to get out of the car an extra time?
Anyway, here we are 1 year later and for the super bowl we went to that Fab place in Ft Collins and had $1 sushi and $2 hand rolls! I bet you’ll see spicy tuna in Safeway soon!

Jamie A

19 02 2009

I can’t believe Gallup is going to have a Starbucks!! Awesome.

Hey, why don’t you guys make some sushi? Is it hard? I have no idea (never eat it, never made it), just wondering.

20 02 2009

I can’t relate to the sushi, but I could stay in Gallup for the rest of my natural life with a Starbucks in town! 🙂

20 02 2009

Yea!! I can’t wait. John and Karla are moving to Gallup !! At least Karla is !

21 02 2009

Yay Rob! Exciting news for the Gallup crew. Sushi and Starbucks in one day. What have you done to deserve such good fortune!?

Oh, and I’m glad to see you’re shopping at Safeway. They rate high on the CEI. 😉


11 03 2009


Just wanted you to know that I logged onto your blog and have been reading in order to “stay in touch” with you since we don’t get to chat a whole lot. Great to see that your bed is all set up, that you got sushi, that you predicted the Oscar winners, and that YOU GET A STARBUCKS soon!!! Glad to read that you are doing well! I love you so very much!

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