11 02 2009

Today we went out to lunch to celebrate Granny’s birthday. Also joining was the always-enjoyable Anast family, and I sat at the end of the table with Joe (age 7) and Rysha (age 5). Those two kids make for rather entertaining lunch conversation.

One part of our discussion was so funny I told Joe I was going to blog about it later. Somehow, he got on the topic of whether it’s easier to breathe through your nose, your mouth, or a combination of the two. Here’s a quick snippet of that dialogue.

Joe: One time, I breathed only through my nose for, like, three hours.

Me: Really?

Joe: Yeah. It was awful!




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11 02 2009

(gut laugh), that’s hilarious! As I read, I tried to do all three. I’ve actually had the dentist tell me it’s pretty important to breathe through your nose. Otherwise your gums get red and irritated. You were probably dying to know that.

11 02 2009

I love it, Rob. Kids do , indeed, say the darnedest things!!

12 02 2009

You think that’s hard. Try it under water!

12 02 2009


12 02 2009

Trust me, as one who knows; not being able to breathe through your nose is awful!!!

12 02 2009

Corrie – Having irritated gums is just one of many complications of a mouth breather.

15 02 2009

My daughter likes to get out my stethoscope and give me a check-up. She tells me to “take a deep breath and fill your airways for me please”.

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