9 02 2009

For the past eight months, we’ve had to live without the comfort of our own bed.

This is especially horrible because I really love our bed. It is, in fact, my very favorite of all the wedding presents we received. My father-in-law, a truly gifted artist, blacksmithed the gorgeous bedframe for us, then he and my mother-in-law gave us an very comfortable pillow-top mattress and matching box spring as well. It’s amazing to have a bed on which I am practically guaranteed a good night’s sleep. For seven years, we enjoyed this wonderful bed.

When we moved out here, our bed wasn’t able to come along with us. We traveled to our new home in a minivan piled high with essentials. A metal bedframe, mattress and box spring would have had no place to travel. They went into our storage unit in Colorado instead. When we arrived here, we began using the mattress from the sleeper sofa on the ground floor of the Straw Bale House. While I’m thankful that it’s there, it is a decidedly uncomfortable mattress. I cursed it repeatedly, while inwardly realizing it was still better than sleeping on the floor.

My parents came for a visit after we’d been here a few months. They upgraded us to air mattresses. Without those, I don’t think my wife would have got an ounce of sleep during her third trimester of pregnancy. The air mattress was much more comfortable than the sleeper sofa mattress, but presented its own unique set of challenges: the potential for air leaks, the need to inflate the mattress nightly, and loud squeaks every time one of us rolled over.

When we went back to Denver in December, I decided that I was going to get our bed out of storage and back to the Straw Bale House, or else die in the process. We rented a trailer and brought the bed to New Mexico. When we arrived, we returned to nearly four feet of snow and were never able to get the trailer closer than a mile from the house. After weeks of shoveling snow and mud, we were (with much difficulty) finally able to empty the contents of the trailer into the Suburban and transport them the remaining mile to the Strob. The bed, too large to fit in the Suburban, was tied securely to the roof and driven the rest of the way in.

The contents of the trailer went in the upstairs of the Strob where we used to sleep. With so many boxes, bags and stacks of belongings, there was nowhere to set up the bed. It sat propped up in the back of the room, waiting to be reassembled.

Last week, I decided the time had come. I worked the better part of a day on consolidating space in the upstairs. I managed to get everything into one half of the upstairs and to clear the other half into bedroom space once again, while still managing to leave enough of an aisle to get inside. We hunted through the items we brought back and found the bags with the beautiful bedset and pillows we bought each other a couple of anniversaries ago. Finally, it was assembled.

We’ve now had a few nights to sleep in our own bed, and it’s every bit as wonderful as I remembered. I sleep more soundly and get more rest in the same amount of time. It’s just one piece that makes this place a little more like home.





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9 02 2009

I totally know what you mean, Rob. I LOVE my bed. There are so many times when I’ll be at work or even driving and the thought of it will pop into my head and I’ll say to myself “Oh… that sounds so good”… like I’m talking about a piece of cheesecake or something.

Nice post. =)

9 02 2009

Congratulations my friends. I real nights sleep on a real bed is one of lifes greatest pleasures. Add to that an electric blanket and its nearly heavenly!

9 02 2009

This photo is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like something out of “Country Living”.
/Where do the kids sleep? Are they still downstairs?

10 02 2009

The bed looks lovely there. I’m glad it has turned out to be such a good investment.

15 02 2009

What a fabulous job your FIL did on that. Talk about treasured family heirlooms! And it even *looks* comfy!

17 02 2009

Your “die trying” attitude is one of the things I love so much about you, Rob. And this story – while I’m sure it was not your intention – brought tears to my eyes because you pushed through so many obstacles and accomplished what you set out to do… just like I’ve seen you do so many times before. The true masculinity in that is almost overwhelming, and makes me so proud of the man you’ve become.

24 02 2009

Okay, now that’s just about the most wonderful thing in the world. There is nothing like having your own bed.

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