Worst Toy Ever

7 02 2009

Aidan brought home the worst toy ever.

We splurged and went to McDonald’s last weekend. While playing at the indoor Playland, some little boy gave Aidan a toy and told to keep it. It’s a little cell phone with stickers for Spider-Man 3. If I had heard the noises this phone made before the other little boy had left, I would have made Aidan give it back.

It’s possibly the most obnoxious thing I have ever heard in my life. Actually, it’s not so bad at first. It rings, then a female voice says something I can’t understand. Then it rings again and a dog barks. And then… oh, man oh man, and then! It plays a song, and this particular sounds like a Japanese anime video cassette being eaten by the VCR. I have no idea for the life of me what these noises have to do with Spider-Man 3 (after the first two movies, I lost interest) but that song is the most annoying little earworm I’ve ever had the misfortune of overhearing.

I decided that simply describing it wasn’t going to do this toy adequate justice. I have included, for your viewing enjoyment, a 30-second video clip I took this morning so I could share the magic of this toy with you. There’s nothing wrong with the audio, either. the toy really sounds like this.

Hope you enjoy.




20 responses

7 02 2009

not cool – I’d say it should have an unfortunate accident with a hammer…

7 02 2009
Sharon Shannon

I’ll repeat my note from YT: The word “waterboarding” comes to mind. And stop biting your nails.

7 02 2009
L. S. King


7 02 2009
Chris Stafford

How funny, my son has that toy, um yeah, it’s horrible!

7 02 2009

LOL. Oh my god. No wonder that kid wanted to get rid of it. Aiden got suckered into taking that one!

7 02 2009

You want an earworm? Try the song on this website:

Buck Up with Buckley’s

7 02 2009

That toy is pretty bad, I won’t even lie! Bury the toy and maybe a tarantula will eat it next October 🙂

7 02 2009

I see no way to get to the video clip. My screen just has a big area of blank space.

7 02 2009

I agree that is the worst toy ever. I think it was a waste to ever make such a thing that totals drives a sane person crazy. I am with if someone gave that to my kid and i listened to it I would of told them to give it back, if i couldn’t or was not able to I would take a hammer to it. Anyway thanks for sharing.

7 02 2009

Quite possibly the funniest thing ever.

7 02 2009
micah d.l.

that is the most horrible thing ever. i almost wish you’d never posted that video, but i can appreciate making people have to endure for 30sec what you have to endure for an eternity…hahaha!

7 02 2009

Holy crap. I had my volume on WAY too loud, and that first ring almost blew out my eardrum.

7 02 2009

Rob, that made me laugh so hard, you have no idea 🙂 I miss you and your family too much.

7 02 2009

Bro. This was very funny. Definitely put a smile on my face after a rough day! Love you

7 02 2009
Cheap Toys

totally useless toy if you ask me! anyway u can tell from the make and design its not really for educational purposes…the sound that comes with it is just to attract attention i guess….

7 02 2009

Okay, video is up now. It’s bad, no doubt about it; in fact about the worst I’ve heard.

8 02 2009
Emily Straw

Don’t you have two dogs? Maybe it could end up inside one of their chew toys at some point 🙂

9 02 2009
Rob in Gallup

Em, I thought of that, but then it occurred to me that chewing on hard plastic could be dangerous for them if it breaks apart. They do it occasionally with something they shouldn’t have gotten ahold of, but I probably shouldn’t encourage it.

9 02 2009

That is stinkin hilarious! 🙂 Did you hide it? I would hide it.

4 09 2009
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