23 01 2009

I’m really irritated by this.

After my blog about the wonderful instrumental quartet at the inauguration, it now gets reported in the media today that what we heard on television wasn’t a live performance at all. They Ashlee Simpsoned it and did the instrumental equivalent of lip-syncing to a recording.

WASHINGTON — Millions of viewers heard a recording of the dulcet tones played by a celebrated quartet of musicians at President Barack Obama’s inauguration rather than the notes the group actually played.

Carole Florman, a spokeswoman for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, says the weather was too cold for the instruments to stay in tune. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, violinist Izhak Perlman, pianist Gabriella Montero and clarinetist Anthony McGill made the decision on Inauguration Day Tuesday to use an audio tape of their performance that they had laid down two days earlier.

Florman says the musicians “very insistent on playing live until it became clear that it would be too cold,” making it impossible for the instruments to hold tune. People sitting near them could hear the musicians play, but their instruments were not amplified.

I still think the song was beautiful, and I realize that the vast majority of pop artists these days do not do much live singing at their concerts. Maybe it’s that I expect more from chamber music. When I go hear the symphony orchestra, I expect that I’m hearing the real thing and not a recording.

Somehow, learning this just cheapens the whole thing for me. I’m really disappointed.

Wonder what else was faked at the inauguration.




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23 01 2009

I didn’t really mind YoYo Ma not actually playing because I even wondered how a cello would do–even with Yo Yo Ma actually playing!–in such cold weather. What I minded was the deception. Just tell us the truth! No one in media or government tells the truth about anything anymore. I don’t believe a word that comes out of the mouths of any mainstream media talking head or anyone in government.

Well, on the other hand, Timothy Geithener is now the official treasury secretary. And we KNOW about him: $37,000 in unpaid taxes, for crying out loud. But the truth was forced out, or we wouldn’t even have gotten that little bit. And now truth doesn’t even count, because he’s confirmed. If I lie for three years and don’t pay my taxes and then lie about forgetting it, can I get a nice little job like treasury secretary? Here’s the finger, Mr. and Mrs. Middleclass U.S.A.

The father of lies is the real current ruler of our country.

23 01 2009
Emily Straw

Maybe Obama lip synched his inauguration vows too. Oh, wait, he screwed that up. And then didn’t do it on the Bible when he did it again. Geez.

23 01 2009

I know… I don’t understand why they had to Milly Vanilly it all up. I’ve never heard of instruments being out of tune because of the weather. But I guess it could happen. I agree with Penne. Just tell us the damn truth. Trixy Hobbit’siz.

23 01 2009

The previous two posters: Get out of my mind.

23 01 2009

ugh. now i’m disappointed. i wish i didn’t know about it.

24 01 2009

As I understand it, the quartet actually did play–note for note with the recording, but the amplification source was the recording.

However it was done, it was magnificent.

24 01 2009

pennepasta – He was confirmed because he paid off his back taxes real quick like. Of course how many years has he had the extra 37,000 dollars earning interest for him somewhere??? Anyway, it’s no problem – sheesh!

Wesley – instruments (especially strings that I know of ) most definitely have a hard time staying in tune in cold weather.

26 01 2009

Okay, I can understand the deception of it and all, but I honest don’t see what the big deal is. So they didn’t actually play a note we could hear live. It’s all pomp and circumstance anyway. It has to look and sound good otherwise nobody will watch it. Besides, the quartet were the ones who decided to play the recorded version of it. With as much talent as they have, it wouldn’t be fair for them to have to play in that cold of weather with that many people listening (probably many for the very first time). They are incredibly talented and it may not have sounded that way had they actually played for us to hear that day.

26 01 2009

Plus you don’t want to out-screw up the president 😛

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