I Read That On Your Blog

31 12 2008

We’re winding down our holiday trip back to Colorado. I feel like it has been literally crammed to the outer seams with trying to see as many friends and family as possible, and though we have seen so many, there are still some very dear friends with whom we’ve missed connecting. If you’re one of those, I sincerely apologize, and you are first on the list next time we’re in town.

Amidst the many conversations these past two weeks, I’ve heard numerous times from various people, “Oh yeah, I remember reading about that on your blog.” In most instances, I’ve been really surprised, because there are apparently quite a few people who read regularly and I was completely unaware. There are the handful who comment regularly, and so from them it is pleasant to hear but no huge surprise. But there have been many, many others who have never left a single comment but now tell me they read with regularity, and so I would never have guessed they were following this crazy chronicle of my life these past six months. It’s a very pleasant surprise.

I have been thinking about my horrible failure to blog during this vacation (largely due to the fact that my parents have no internet access) but I’ve also been thinking about how I would like to expand my writing in 2009. I would especially like, in addition to blogging about my life and family, to write some sort of blog on a regular basis that would have some sort of interest beyond people who know me personally. There are people who blog about left-wing politics, beluga whales, starving orphans, desert gardening, and modern polka. I would love to write some sort of specialty blog like that. But I am totally stumped as to a subject. I need something to write regularly about that: 1) Interests a reasonably large audience, 2) Is not already being blogged about ad nauseum, and 3) Is something about which I am both knowledgeable and passionate. Suggestions?

Meanwhile, I would just like to take a moment to offer a sincere thank-you to those of you whose comments let me know that there really is someone at the other end of the computer, reading and responding to my ramblings. And to the apparent number of you who read but don’t comment, I appreciate you, too, anonymously if need be.

2009 is going to be a big year. I’m looking forward to blogging about what’s been going on (this past week especially) in this crazy brain of mine. But for now, with just a few hours left in 2008, let me take a quick moment to say just how much I appreciate your reading. It means a lot to me.




8 responses

1 01 2009


2 01 2009

You’re welcome. It is our pleasure to read your blog!

4 01 2009

Could you blog on music? I know there are a million blogs for it, but you could come up with something unique…

4 01 2009

I like to check in on both you and your beautiful wife’s blogs. Here I am, on the other end… 🙂

4 01 2009

Maybe you could blog on Movies? Aren’t you guys big movie buffs? Do you have a DVD in your home? I know you guys have simplified life quite a bit, but I forget what you’re set up is. Movies are always a great topic of conversation. Movies have depth, different interpretations, emotion, variety, it’s a never-ending topic really. You could get your kids ratings of some of the G movies and Liesl’s ratings of some of the adult ones and you could go in depth of what you think of them. I don’t know. I’m rambling. I’m sure you’ll think of something very interesting to write about! 🙂

8 01 2009

I sure was glad to see you guys for the time that I did. I miss you and love you and will talk to you soon!

9 01 2009

I read it!!!!

9 01 2009

I’m all for beluga whales. However, since your wife doesn’t blog as often as you do, kiddo pics would be much appreciated. Hmmm… Beluga whales and parenting. Now that’s a cool niche market!

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