10 12 2008

Overheard yesterday:

Ryan: What a relief.

Aidan: A leaf?

Ryan: Not ‘a leaf.’ ‘Relief.’

Aidan: What’s relief?

Ryan: It’s when your stomach doesn’t feel squeezy any more.




5 responses

10 12 2008

That is just to cute Rob! Thanks for sharing 🙂

10 12 2008
Todd Newton

Don’t even get them started on how to spell relief, eh? Oh no, did I just date myself with knowledge of old commercials??

10 12 2008

I hate when my stomach is squeezy 🙂

@ Todd, yes, yes you did, but it’s ok, because I know what you’re talking about.

10 12 2008

She truly is precious!

12 12 2008

My stomach happens to be squeezy today – when I woke up I realized that was the perfect word for it. Tell Ryan I love her!

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