Two Funnies

26 11 2008

Every so often, I see something out here that I feel truly epitomizes the mentality of life in Gallup. Here are two of them so you can continue to refine your mental image of how things work out here. Both made me laugh.

Instance 1: I saw a Navajo teenager at the store this week. He was wearing a t-shirt with a funny saying, which is pretty normal in any city, but this particular saying was quite apropos. His shirt read, “I run on Indian time. That means I’m never, ever late.”

Instance 2: Gary, the man for whom I am now working, had me start consolidating contact information for all of his employees. This proved a bit difficult, as the method for contacting some of these people is a little circular. Let’s say you want to reach Emma. It goes like this: “You have to call Pauline so she can go to George’s house, and then George will find Emma and have Emma call you.”

I mentioned this to Gary and he laughed. “Let me tell you how it works out here,” he said. “One time I called trying to reach Fred Begay. A man answered the phone, and I said, ‘Let me talk to Fred Begay.’ The man said, ‘Never heard of him.'” Gary pauses for dramatic effect, then finishes, “I was speaking with Fred Begay.”




3 responses

26 11 2008
Dad 2

That’s Gallup, don’t stop laughing.

26 11 2008

You might have to further explain “never ever late”. For instance, if it is up to my Dad alone, he is NEVER EVER late, which means by strictly what you have written, he’s running on Indian time. I say he’s fastidiously prompt (early). Now what Indian time means is even if you are two hours after said appointment to arrive, you are never, ever late. Whenever you get there, it’s all good! – LOL

And I think I have to get a hold of some of my kids by aforementioned circular communication!!!

27 11 2008
Dad 2

When I had my busness in Gallup an indian told me when he was school age he waited for the sun to go down to the second log in his hogan then he looked for the school buss.

Keep laughing!

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