16 11 2008

We took the kids to the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque yesterday. It was worth the five-hour round-trip drive; they had a blast.

This zoo is a great one. Liesl and I like to visit zoos as a hobby. Of course, we’re partial to the Denver Zoo  even though we now live in New Mexico. Once, we read that Reader’s Digest voted the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha to be the “best zoo in America” and we made a weekend road trip just to see it. (We agreed that it deserved its “best zoo” title. You really need two days to take that zoo in completely.)

We spent close to five hours seeing the various animals. Among our favorites were the koalas, the red panda, the cougars, the polar bear, and the hippopotamus (Kaylynn calls it the Elmopottish).

I took photos to share. Admittedly, there aren’t many animal photos. I’ve discovered that, even as much as I love to see the animals, I love even more to watch my children’s faces as they experience the wonder of it all.


I’m glad that fuel prices are half what they were a few months ago, or we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Also, many thanks to Granny and Grandad for lettings us use one of their vehicles. Ours needs some work before it does another road trip.




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17 11 2008
Edie C.

What a special treat to be able to go to the zoo! It looked like you had a weather-friendly day! I love the expressions on the kiddos face’s. And, the photography of the last picture of Kaylynn is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

17 11 2008

Where’s the picture of the Elmopottish? That’s what they’ll be forever more now you know; that is if I can remember it. Glad you got to see one.

17 11 2008

Great photos Rob. You have one good looking family! I hope to see you all soon.

18 11 2008
Rob in Gallup

@Edie – Yes, it was a special treat, indeed. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. Cool, but not windy, enough sunlight to make everything sparkle but not hot. Couldn’t have asked for better.

@Mom2 – The Elmopottish was in the water. It has a huge lake compared to the small pool that the hippos have in Denver. We watched it from the bridge, and while we could see the shape of it swimming about, there really was no good angle to get a photo that would have been discernible.

@Matt – Thanks! We hope to see you soon, too.

18 11 2008
Emily Straw

These pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing them!

18 11 2008

I love seeing pictures of your family – it makes me miss you more and less at the same time. (if that makes any sense)

Trev turns 12 tomorrow and we had a little surprise party for him last night… it was so fun. I’ll post some pics on facebook.

Love you guys!

20 11 2008

Wonderful pics of expressions on the kids faces! I love to watch kids watching things. What were their notepads for? Looked like fun. I really loved the pic of Liesl sitting on the bench with Aidan. Something about that was great.

20 11 2008
Rob in Gallup

We picked up the notepads at the store before we got there so they could record the animals they saw. When I was little, I was kind of a nerd – I used to like to write down the complete name of the animal (for example, “Reticulated Giraffe” as opposed to just “giraffe”) and also its scientific name. I figured my kids were a bit young for that, but I thought they might like to write down something. What they ended up doing was writing the regular name (“giraffe”) and then drawing a picture of it.

They are little artists in the making. Not only do they draw pictures constantly, but they give them to people. Every time they draw, they have a person in mind to be the recipient. I wish I could save them all, but if I did, the house would be full of papers and there would be no room for people.

At the zoo, Aidan started drawing pictures for other zoo-goers. At the train station, a group of teenagers arrived. Aidan would draw a picture of an animal, then ask one of them to spell their name, and he would add their name to the picture, then tear it off and give it to them. The ones who didn’t get a picture seemed downright envious. Later in the day, we passed that same group and they recognized him, saying, “It’s Aidan the Artist!”

20 11 2008

That’s a cute story about Bud. Has he inherited your talent….or maybe Grandad’s or Hosteen’s?

21 11 2008

That is really cool! I always loved a note pad and pen. Ditto Mom2 – very cute story.

26 11 2008

Not posting a blog for what is now 10 days is absolutely unacceptable!

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