Domain Names

12 11 2008

I know it, I’m a geek.

But now that Liesl and I have been blogging for a while and on a regular basis, I decided it was time for our blogs to each get their own grown-up domain names.

You don’t have to update your bookmarks; it redirects automatically.

But the official address of my blog is now, and Liesl’s is Still the same bat-time and same bat-channel, and the content is still the same. Just a new, easier way to tell people where to find us online.




7 responses

12 11 2008

Wow. A domain name. Makes me feel like a wannabe. Probably because I AM a wannabe. Cool!

12 11 2008

I’m a wannabe too Auntie Penn… Congrats on the domains!

12 11 2008

I don’t even get what makes the difference, but congrats, I guess. It will be easier to tell my friend Mimi since she couldn’t get what I gave her the first time to work (probably because I did something wrong).

12 11 2008

If I start blogging will you give me a domain?

13 11 2008

Can I also have a crown with my domain? Can it be supersized? Could I be a bank, instead?

15 11 2008

Dude I need a new blog from you.

18 11 2008
Rob in Gallup

Mom2 – Yes, definitely. I would be so thrilled if you started blogging.

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