Lindsay Lohan

9 11 2008

Here’s a snapshot from our day today.

We ate lunch in town after church with Granny and Grandad. It was Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was a huge treat for each of us on multiple levels. Somehow, eating food that was simultaneously so tasty and so bad for us turned our conversation into the colorful, inappropriate-but-funny sort, and the conversation continued into the family room after the meal.

With stomachs full of chicken and cole slaw, we started discussing movies. Aidan asked Granny and Grandad if they had seen Freaky Friday, which he just saw for the first time last night. (The original, not the remake, both of which I happen to enjoy.)

The talk turned to old Disney movies in general, and Liesl made a comment about how Disney used to use the same actors in many of their movies — people who quickly became on-screen Disney veterans, such as David Tomlinson, Ed Wynn, and Hayley Mills. I observed that Disney still does that today, and used Lindsay Lohan as an example. She was in the remakes of Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, and The Love Bug.

And then Grandad offered up this gem: “Lindsay Lohan is still in everything.” I looked at him quizzically, trying to remember a recent movie in which she starred. Grandad continued, “She’s in jail, she’s in rehab…”




6 responses

10 11 2008
Emily Straw

LOL so true!!

10 11 2008

Aidan will probably repeat that… ;o)

10 11 2008

LOL…I love Granddad.

11 11 2008


11 11 2008

I think it’s funny that Grandad (all of us) even keep up with that sort of stuff. Of course it’s kind of hard not to when it’s all over the news all the time!

12 11 2008

Grandad knows these things. Hidden depths.

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