Work It Out

3 10 2008

When I was little, I was a perpetual tattletale.

It wasn’t my fault; my brother and sisters were constantly doing things to piss me off. Seriously. And while Mom might be willing to bend an ear and do something to fix the situation, it was quite the opposite with Dad. He always responded with the same answer: “Work it out.”

That was the end. He wouldn’t intervene. We just had to work it out. It didn’t matter how long it took, but at some point, either someone’s will had to bend or everyone had to make a deal.

Man, I hated that. But now that I have kids of my own, I am seeing the wisdom there. I don’t think it’s just that he didn’t want to deal with it. It’s that the outcome had more significance if we actually came to some sort of agreement together.

Here’s what I wish I could do with our presidential and vice-presidential candidates:

I wish we could make them ALL the president. McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden. And nobody gets to be THE president; they’re ALL The President. They have to reach a consensus on the topic at hand before they’re allowed to do anything. Lock them in a room, let them duke it out, and let them finally figure out something they all can live with. Then, they can come out and tell the rest of us what they’ve worked out.

It would take a while. Probably the first year of the presidency would accomplish nothing, because they would do nothing but argue, and their stubborn egos wouldn’t bend to any opposing viewpoint. By about the second year, they would be starting to figure it out, and hopefully by the third year they’d hit their groove and actually make some decent, balanced decisions.

I have many more thoughts on politics, and I’ll probably blog them later.

But for now, I wish we could just tell the four of them to work it out.




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3 10 2008

It’s a pretty good idea, Rob, but if I had my way, in the first week of their presidency, they would find there is only one smart, conservative among them and her ideas would prevail!

3 10 2008

Amen, Granny. Not only that, haven’t we been asking congress to do the same thing: no matter democrat or republican; work for all the people of America and make some good decisions. It’s taking a lot longer than a year and I think it’s getting worse, and from some fundamental points of view, I don’t want to be like all of them together.

3 10 2008

And Granny, I told you he said pissed first!

3 10 2008

Mom 2 (Colorado D.),
Now I believe you for sure!

3 10 2008

The beauty of their not being able to come to any agreement for two years is that maybe the government would stop DOING things for awhile. Everytime they ‘do something’, it costs us! I wouldn’t even mind if they were all knocked out and we could just start over. But then we’d probably just have Hillary….and Bill………..

3 10 2008

Nevermind. I prefer the idea of just locking them in a room…..with congress…. for years and years. On an island in the south Pacific. With crocodiles.

4 10 2008


When you have 435 of them, I don’t think it works very well. They all just vote the way they’ve always wanted to.

4 10 2008
Emily Straw

Sarah Palin would kick all the other’s a$$! She is a hockey mom after all! 🙂

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