Democratic Campaign Disaster: Obama Biden ’08

23 08 2008

I don’t often comment on politics, but following the process of Barack Obama’s selection and announcement of a vice-presidential running mate has taught me three important things:

1. Barack Obama is great at building hype, but unable to deliver what he promised when he promised. I signed up to receive the email, which his website guaranteed would make me “one of the first to know.” It’s been splashed all over every news headline for hours, and still no email. My friends who signed up to receive the text message haven’t received it, either. That immediately indicates to me that Obama would be yet another president whose word is worthless and who is unable to follow through on his empty promises.

2. Barack Obama will be a weak decision-maker. As demonstrated here with his first major decision as a potential president, he has left behind his cross-party rhetoric and personal platforms that he has claimed would make him a good president for everyone. Instead, he has gone with the standard, unoriginal, disappointing Democratic answer. He’s not a brave leader. He’s already just a puppet following the will of the loudest members of his party.

3. Joe Biden is a complete and total sell-out. His acceptance of Obama’s offer is pure hypocrisy. He has been outspokenly critical of Obama and declared that he would refuse the vice-presidency in favor of continuing to chair the Foreign Relations Committee. He himself has declared that Obama is unfit for the presidency and unable to lead, but now Biden has seized an opportunity to throw himself into the spotlight by supporting someone who, by according to Biden himself, is a poor choice for America. What good is a vice-president who is already willing to support something that, by his own admittance, would be severely detrimental to our country?

This single piece of Barack Obama’s campaign has been more eye-opening to me than anything else thus far. It tells me that, for all of his slick speech-making and idealistic declarations, he is no different than anyone who has gone before him. I strongly hope (although I doubt it) that the rest of the country will stand up and take note. In this aspect of his campaign, Barack Obama has given us a strong and clear indication of the type of president he would be.

We don’t need another president who makes promises to our faces and then does something completely different behind our backs.




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23 08 2008

You know what? I hardly EVER comment on politics especially in a public forum. That’s not to say that I don’t have strong political views or refuse to take a stand on issues. Maybe because I grew up with a Democrat and a Republican in the same house…but I can’t resist. Personally, I’m not thrilled with either parties choice, but Barack has always been a puppet. If you have heard ANY of what he’s said recently off the cuff when he’s not scripted, or not “on” it reveals him to be a fool! – a dangerous fool. He’s sounding less and less presidential. If he’s a president for change it’s for change in the wrong direction. He is inexperienced, being directed by the party, and has a very proud and ungrateful attitude. Okay, now I’ll go back to being my quiet, mousey self – at least politically. Seriously, I really liked your well thought out views, Rob. Love you.

23 08 2008

P.S. It’s just as well, then, that it’s a campaign disaster.

23 08 2008

P.P.S. Write me privately if you honestly want to hear more of my opinion. And I won’t be offended if you don’t.

23 08 2008
Aunty Penn

Did you forget, though, that he’s “clean and bright and articulate”? Does that have no weight with you at all, you unwashed blatherer? And his name’s at least one point ahead of ‘Huckabee’. Huckabee, for all love! It would have sounded like we were getting a Cabbage Patch doll for a president. Obama at least sounds ‘leaderish’… Osama…… Don’t get me started!

23 08 2008
Aunty Penn

Your thought were actually well expressed, and we appreciated them. We have many of the same thoughts ourselves and miss the rousing political talk at the Grandad Turpen table on many evenings. Those never failed to be…..interesting!

23 08 2008
Aunty Penn

Perfect picture of NM clouds at the top, there, by the way. Sigh.

23 08 2008
Emily S

Great blog! I definately agree with everything you have said, but to a more extreme level as Obama is much more of an extremist than most democrats have been in the recent past. Pretty sure if wasn’t afraid of the stigma of socialism he would have run for that party instead, but to keep himself in the running he uses the word “democrat.” I considered voting for John Kerry, I voted for Ken Salazar (but only because Pete Coors was an idiot) but I will never vote for Obama. He actually wants to make a national police force that’s as well funded and as many people as our military! Let’s name the people who did that in the past… Castro…. Hitler…. Stalin…. oh wait…. 🙂 Let’s just hope he doesn’t google blogs against him if he gets elected and have those of us speaking out against him assassinated!!

23 08 2008

Well done Sir.

24 08 2008

Well, Emily, he may assassinate me, too, for picking on his running mate!
Imagine my horror when I discovered that my daughter, Aunty Penn, and Joe Biden have something in common. My daughter loves to sign all her personal mail with the adage by Mark Twain, ” When I was young, I could remember everything whether it happened or not”. Lo and behold, it occurred to me that Joe Biden, the exaggerator, governs by the same old adage!

26 08 2008
Aunt Kim

Hey Rob, aren’t you being a little hard on the guy? I think Obama will be exactly the candidate we’ve seen so far…full of hope and change. I know he’s made me feel full of it.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly contain myself that we have a candidate who is so young and with such high self esteem. Who else could serve only 122 days in the US senate and thinks he has learned everything there is to know about how to lead the most powerful country on earth? Who else could think they were worthy enough to speak at the places our greatest presidents spoke at (i.e. Brandenberg Gate in Berlin)? And who else would bless so many extra people by insisting that the Pepsi Center wasn’t big enough to hold his fans so he would need to use Invesco Field.

Who else could appeal to 200,000 teens and 20 somethings who thought they came to a free rock concert in Germany but got to see Obama too?

I love this candidate who is so concerned about our safety that he wants to build a Paramilitary Federal Police Force, because the Military can’t do it all!

What about his claim that he won’t raise taxes on the middle class? It must be the rich he was referring to when he said he’d “tax the heck out of the people at the end and just redistribute it then”…surely that can’t mean me!

Oh – and what about his ability to make friends with the most unlikely people. Not many have the likes of William Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright in their phone books!

And finally – it’s totally awesome having a candidate that has such a practical solution to our oil crisis. It was so easy to just inflate my tires and have my car tuned up! I can feel the MPG going up as we speak!

Much love
Aunt Kim…drip…drip…dripping with sarcasm!

PS. In the words of the great Barak Obama: “Um….Uh….Hmmm…Uh….Um?”

29 08 2008
Aunty Penn

Granny: Joe Biden and me. We’re, like, buds.
Aunt Kim: But he’s clean. And bright. According to my pal, Joe Biden.

And then there’s John McCain’s choice….. PUHLEEEEEEAZE! Another clean, bright candidate–and she’s cute! Does she have any experience? Maybe she does, but did he HAVE to choose a woman? I can’t even be sarcastic. If this was a good choice, it’ll have to be proven to me. Right now, she just looks like the token woman, politically useful to a party hack.

30 08 2008
Aunty Penn

OK. Now, I know a little more about Sarah Palin: five children and the youngest down syndrome (Didn’t they know they could have ‘taken care’ of him in the womb?); saying ‘no’ to the Bridge to Nowhere; whacking several of Alaska’s good old boys off at the knees when gov’t money seemed to be heading into the wrong pockets; husband in oil; oldest son to be commissioned on 9/11, by his choice; hunts and shoots and coaches basketball; etc. I think I might like her better than John McC.

I was too hasty.

13 09 2008

You all are forgetting the biggest problem of all. Obama is the Anti-Christ.

27 09 2008
Aunty Penn

Well, duh!

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