Ryan’s Flowers

18 07 2008
A freshly-picked flower bouquet by Ryan

A freshly-picked flower bouquet by Ryan

One of my favorite things about living here is that we eat our meals together all the time.

I guess it’s something we could have done more often back in Colorado, but too much seemed to interfere with preparing decent meals and taking time to actually sit down together to enjoy them. Now, however, it’s usually a thrice-daily occurrence.

Ryan picks flowers every day. There are thousands of wildflowers growing around the ranch. She picks the ones that she thinks will make the prettiest bouquet and she brings them inside to decorate the table. Every day, there are new flowers to enjoy, each as beautiful as those of the day before.

Tonight at dinner, as I looked at the flowers she had selected, it seemed almost amazing to me for us all to be together as a family in a place where such beautiful flowers abound. There’s no florist or cash transaction involved; it’s as easy as going outside and picking them. It occurred to me that tonight’s bouquet, picked by my precious little girl, might be some of the prettiest flowers I had ever seen. It wasn’t just because of their natural beauty, but also because they reflected to me the beauty and innocence of the little girl who was so captivated by those flowers that she had to bring them inside for her whole family to enjoy.

As I thought it over later, that bouquet seemed to represent the meal we had enjoyed together. I thought about each time I get to sit down to dinner with such an amazing family. I get to enjoy the company of a wonderful woman who is so strong and yet so tender. I get to enjoy conversation with three children who constantly surprise, astound, amuse and inspire me with their brilliant interpretations of the world around them.

Each mealtime spent together is just as beautiful and incredible as the fresh bouquet of flowers that accompanies it. And just as having fresh flowers every day somehow never becomes routine or commonplace, so it also serves to remind me that each day is a new gift that will never come again, nor happen exactly the same way. Each meal and each conversation is a precious moment, each one so much more than I ever expected or could have possibly deserved.

From my earliest boyhood recollections, I remember my Grandpa Don beginning each mealtime prayer the same way: “Our gracious Heavenly Father, we are thankful for the privilege of being together.”

When I see Ryan’s beautiful flowers at the dinner table, I’m reminded just what a privilege it truly is.




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18 07 2008
John T


19 07 2008
Terri Spratte

Thanks for sahring Rob. Ryan does a wonderful job picking beautiful flowers for you all to enjoy s you share time together. To me they are more beautiful then what you by in the store, because they come from the heart without the whole cash thing. Good times my friend, Good times.

19 07 2008

Don’t forget to record some of those “brilliant interpretations” because as much as you are sure you’ll never forget – it happens. Kiss the kids for me.

19 07 2008

We attended a funeral this week of a dear friend. It brings home once again how important it is to cherish each day we have on this earth, before we go to our glorious life. You are doing just that, Rob. We’re so glad that you are part of our family!

19 07 2008

Oh dang, I was caught off guard and it’s been an emotional week…
They are more beautiful than any you could buy because they were place there as a gift from a Heavenly Creator God, as a surprise, just for you to enjoy and to thrill the heart of a precious girl!

19 07 2008

Maybe one of the best things you’ve done for your family to live there for a couple of months together, huh?

21 07 2008
Aunty Penn

Heart full. Words inadequate.

22 07 2008
Edie C.

Does anyone else think they are reading a recreation of ‘Little House on the Prairie’? Who knows, Rob, maybe you can have your own TV show someday. Seriously – your words are precious – cherish your treasures!!

22 07 2008

Well, yes, Edie – other than $109 for lousy internet service. Charles Ingalls would’ve done something about that…

24 07 2008

Edie, I actually used “LIttle House on the Prairie” to describe this place for him. Rob could have a lot of different TV shows ;D

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