Summer Rain

5 07 2008

I had every intention of writing about yesterday’s Independence Day festivities, but then it started to rain this afternoon. It was so beautiful that I decided to share it with all of you. This is what I saw standing just outside the front door of the Straw Bale House.

(If you watch all the way to the end, Aidan makes a brief cameo appearance.)




7 responses

5 07 2008

That was pretty darned nice… almost felt like I was there with you all.

Rob says: We wish you were!

6 07 2008

That’s so awesome. Is it a warm rain? I love warm rain.

Rob says: Yeah, it is a warm rain. That’s the one thing I noticed about the video, and even outside — everything had that bluish feel to it like it does when it’s a cold rain. I think it’s just because it was so overcast. It was still at least in the high eighties while it was raining yesterday. The rain cooled things off a bit, and the smell afterward of rain-soaked evergreens is just incredible!

6 07 2008
Terri Spratte

That was really cool RRb! Thanks for sharing.

6 07 2008

I love this place!!!!

6 07 2008

I just got through bawling my eyes out. I assume you picked (and played?) the music. Good job! I love it too, and honestly if John had work that could be taken anywhere we might have tried the same thing years ago.

Rob says: If you guys lived out here, I think we would stay forever. We just need to figure out a way to get Dad to be able to do his metal arts full time. It’s what he loves, and he’s incredible at it. Oh, and the music with the video is called (ironically) “A Day Without Rain” performed by Enya. I am still in the middle of learning how to play it myself.

6 07 2008

P.S. I still want to see a blog about the 4th of July festivities. You’ve had 3 in your family now who have defended those rights.

Rob says: It’s there now.

6 07 2008
Aunty Penn

Darn you, Rob Sanchez. Blindsided, again. Raining here in Pullman, WA, too….inside….

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