American Glad Eaters

1 07 2008

One of the perks about living out here is that Granny and Grandad Turpen have cable over at the cabin. We don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but we’ve picked a couple of shows that we like to watch every so often when we’re over at the cabin. (At the Straw Bale House, it’s only movies.)

The first Monday night we were here, Aidan discovered American Gladiators. Actually, I discovered it and Aidan was immediately hooked. I was really excited to know they’d brought it back. It used to be one of my favorite shows when I was younger, though you’d never think it to look at me, given the fact that I’m neither strong nor athletic. The new version hasn’t really changed much from the old ones, they just have new gladiators and it’s now hosted by Hulk Hogan.

My favorite part is that Aidan calls them “Glad Eaters.” There aren’t any other shows that he really cares to watch on a consistent basis (maybe Spongebob Squarepants when we’re at Granny and Grandad’s, a show that I cannot stand) but he knows that Monday night is Glad Eaters and he doesn’t let me forget it.

I wonder where they film it. It would be a blast to take Aidan sometime to be in the studio audience. He constantly works out (seriously) so he can be like his Uncle Matt and Uncle Jesse, and by the time he’s 12, I bet he’ll be ready to take on the Glad Eaters himself.




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1 07 2008

His Nana is a “glad eater” too, only it doesn’t fare my figure so well! Funny guy. The whole time Matt was gone Christine kept saying she thought Matt should go on that show.

Rob says: Liesl and I keep saying that very thing every time we watch the show. Matt would do an excellent job on that show. Better yet, have Matt and Jesse both go at the same time as the two male contenders. They’re twins, they’re servicemen, they’re athletic, primetime television would love them. They should try out for sure.

1 07 2008

It’s so funny that I can “hear” him say that. It is wonderful that you have something special to share and enjoy with him. Lots of love,

1 07 2008

Okay, that’s hilariously cute.

2 07 2008
Terri Spratte

I enjoy reading the your blog and the stories about kids and the stuff they enjoy.

2 07 2008
Emily S

Watch out travelator! Here comes Aidan!!!!

6 07 2008

Haha Glad Eaters,that’s funny. They’ll eat the glad right outta ya! I love that show, though. It’s amazing how fit regular people are! LOL Just kidding. And Spongebob, for the record, is actually a good show. I used to hate it, but since I’ve been babysitting my nieces several days a week for the past month, I’ve become accustomed to it and even enjoy it. I think it’s because I want to be like Spongebob. He’s almost always happy, he loves everyone no matter what they think of him, and he’s just someone that everyone wants to be. Mostly. 🙂

Rob says: I’ll take Spongebob over the retarded duckling on Wonderpets. I actually wrote the producers to complain about that one. I might have to tell that story sometime.

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