The Sasquatch

26 06 2008

I have decided that a sasquatch lives somewhere in the forest around the property where we now live.

This belief probably stems largely from my being a city boy transplanted into the middle of an extremely rural area, but I’m sure that with proper vigilance, I will eventually have some night-vision video footage to support this claim.

The first evening that Liesl and I sat on the Smoking Deck to watch the sun go down, we listened to the sounds of the woods around us. City-dweller though I may be, I do a reasonably decent job of picking out animal noises. Aside from the crickets, I heard a familiar bird cry, one that I associate with the Denver Zoo. I heard peacocks, a suggestion met skeptically by Liesl. I later learned from Grandad Turpen that a nearby neighbor does, in fact, raise peafowl. We also recognized the yips of coyotes and the barks of dogs in the distance.

The sun had finally gone down when we heard another noise entirely. It seemed to come from maybe 100 yards away, right where the meadow meets the wall of evergreen trees. It sounded like an animal, but not any animal I have ever heard before — a very throaty, grunty noise that sounded like it belonged to something large. If I had to pin it on a specific animal, I would have said some sort of giant, feral pig, but I know nothing of that sort indigenous to this area. It startled me enough that I said a rude word, but we stayed out for a while longer and didn’t hear it again.

A few nights later, while in town for dinner with the Turpen and Anast families, the topic of sasquatches came up. Apparently, many Indians in this area believe that there really is such an animal (interchangeably called Bigfoot) and from what I’ve read since, there’s something of a debate even among biologists and zoologists as to the likelihood of such an animal really existing, with some calling it silly superstition, and others (with real credentials) very serious that they’ve seen credible evidence of Bigfoot’s existence.

If such a creature does, in fact, exist, the area where we now live would certainly fit the profile, and rumors of the sasquatch abound out here. The only factor missing from my experience, one common to many Bigfoot sightings, is the trademark stench normally associated with Bigfoot.

It didn’t help anything that the Indian man who came to install my satellite internet, a nice man from the nearby Zuni Indian reservation, was equally afraid of the noise the second time I heard it. Right after his arrival, in the middle of the blazing afternoon, the noise came from the same area, but sounded perhaps a little closer this time than on that first night. “What was THAT?” he asked, obviously startled. This made me panic a bit, because this guy knows the area well and doesn’t strike me as the type to scare easily. If he’s afraid of the noise, I’ve suddenly gone from mildly concerned to downright alarmed. What’s worse, his German shepherd wouldn’t get out of the back of the truck for a good ten minutes or so after we heard the noise. If a big, tough dog is apprehensive, so am I.

My one reassurance is that Bigfoot is very seldom reported as being aggressive or confrontational. They’re supposedly shy and don’t like the light, so if I must go outside after dark, I now take along a very large, very bright flashlight. If that doesn’t work, I don’t have a Plan B, so I guess if these blog posts cease suddenly, you may need to report that I’ve been snatched up by Bigfoot.

Oh, and the video camera now stays right by the door next to the smoking deck. If a sasquatch decides to run across the lawn, I want to have the evidence to back up my otherwise ridiculous assertion. I don’t want to turn into one of those redneck nutjobs you see on the 5 o’clock news.




8 responses

26 06 2008
Emily S

Was my dad walking around or something??? 😀

Rob says: Haha, in the dark, if I didn’t know who it was, your dad walking around outside my house would be just as scary.

26 06 2008

I loved this story just as much the second time!

Rob says: If you still like it as much the seventh or eighth time, which will invariably happen next time we’re at church and I’m repeating it to everyone, then I’ll be impressed.

26 06 2008

I think it’s a bear. Did you look up into the trees around your area? Don’t let anything jump out or down and scare the bejeebers out of you or worse! Actually, did you ask Grandad, because I think maybe there could be wild pigs/hogs that I heard about once or I could be confused; like that’s ever happened before!

Rob says: I hadn’t thought of that. It could be a bear. This is supposed to be their active season, right? Grandad just says it’s definitely a sasquatch.

27 06 2008

Hahahaha….I’m glad that, on my first visit, all of my witty comments have been headed off at the pass. For example, my thought process: “Ha! I’m going to tell Rob that this looks like ‘Robin Gallup…’ Muahahaha..” Nope. Already thought of it. 🙂

And leave it to Bigfoot to make you want to stay in New Mexico…*sigh*…

But I’m glad you’re having a good time! Miss you!

Rob says: See? It’s just like real life, we still get to steal each other’s thunder. You should blog so you can steal all the funny things I would say. Miss you, too!

30 06 2008

I LOVE that you think you have a sasquatch.

Rob says: If I catch one, I will fly you out here to do the official photo shoot. I vote for making “Sasquatch” one of the weekly challenges. 😉

1 07 2008
Aunty Penn

Will this inhibit the astronomy lessons? Or perhaps you could invent a new discipline: zoostronomy.

Rob says: Technically, they classify creatures that are presumed to possibly exist but that haven’t been verified as “cryptozoological” specimens. So maybe we can have cryptozoologostronomy.

3 07 2008
Aunty Penn

I want to take that class.

4 07 2008

Right…just like real life…I’ll keep telling myself that every week when I’m not seeing you. 🙂 And I’ll stop being such a sap. I promise!

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