Smoking Deck

25 06 2008

I have a pipe that Liesl and the kids gave me for Father’s Day a few years ago. I’m not much of a smoker — just the occasional pipe while watching the sun go down, or cigars with friends. Hardly at all when the weather’s cold, and then maybe once every two weeks during the summer.

We moved to the Turpen Ranch without ever having seen it before. One of the things I hoped was that there would be a good place to enjoy my pipe every now and then. It turns out there’s a place that’s perfect. Attached to the straw bale house (where we live) is a second-story deck with a gorgeous view. The sun sets behind the sea of evergreens to the west. Then the moon comes out, and the whole southern sky is wide open, giving me an unobstructed view of the stars every single night that would make any city-dweller jealous.

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside after the kids have gone to bed in the room adjacent to the deck, listening to the nothing but the sounds of the crickets, watching little rings of smoke dissipating in the otherwise unpolluted air.

This place is absolutely beautiful.




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25 06 2008

Janna = jealous city-dweller

Rob says: Heh… you could fix that, you know. 😉

25 06 2008


Rob says: Working on it. Watch the blog for some photos in the next few days.

25 06 2008

It is also the perfect place to read in the New Mexico sun when it’s not so blasted hot outside; more like spring and fall. In the winter you put a chair right up to the window/door just inside!

Rob says: Sounds very relaxing. Going to have to give that a try. It hasn’t actually been too hot so far. Gets a little warm sometimes, but we’ve had clouds rolling in during the part of the day that’s normally hottest. It has been nice.

25 06 2008
Terri Spratte

Very cool! that there is a wonderful place where you can watch the sun set and enjoy a nice pipe.

Rob says: Cool, indeed. I am enjoying it.

26 06 2008
Paul Christian Glenn

Heh. I’m quite the opposite. I much, much prefer to smoke in colder weather, and my tobacco consumption decreases greatly in the summertime. I can’t stand being outside when the air is wet with humidity, sucking on a cigarette and wheezing heavy smoke into the sauna.

On a cool, crisp autumn day, however, there’s nothing like kicking back, feeling the chilly breeze on your lips and the warm smoke filling your lungs. It billows out in monumental clouds, aided, of course, by your visible breath, and drifts away in wintery swirls.


Rob says: That makes sense, given the geographic area in which you’re located. Heavy humidity would probably ruin summertime smoking for me, too. It’s very dry here. And I can’t stand to smoke a pipe in the heat of midday, it’s definitely an eveningtime activity. I will try to draw inspiration from your always-artistic description and give wintertime smoking a second chance.

28 06 2008

That’s because there is no humidity in the New Mexico desert.

Rob says: ExAAAActly.

29 06 2008

Well, aside from the smoking pipe for me, everything sounds perfect and beautiful. It sounds like there are few reasons at this point for your return to our beloved Colorado.

Rob says: There are still a lot of reasons to return to Colorado, they are just all people. You and your husband are two of them. We miss you guys. But yes, it is beautiful here, and there are also many reasons to stay. We’ll see what happens.

8 07 2008
John S. Miller

Smiles from me on this one…

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