Did you say Robin Gallup?

24 06 2008

A new Rob blog? Yes, indeed. My friends and family have convinced me to start blogging again, this time to share thoughts and experiences while in our new (for the summer, at least) home of Gallup, New Mexico.

It occurs to me that my title, “Rob in Gallup,” looks more like “Robin Gallup” in the address bar. I’ve already picked the name, so I’ll just roll with it. We’ll make Robin Gallup my British cowboy name or something.

My goal with the new blog is to post smaller bits with more regular frequency than some of my previous blogging efforts. We’ve been here two weeks, and I’ve already got a list of adventures to share.

Here’s where I see this blog headed: First, I’ve promised to share photos and videos. I’m picking the best ones and will start posting soon. Second, if you know me at all, you know that I live to tell funny stories. The funny bug works its magic in Gallup, too. And third, being so far removed from our home church in Colorado, I want to (occasionally, at least) offer thoughts in response to the Tuesday night talks at TNL, which I’m enjoying weekly via podcast.

I do have a request, however. It’s a big favor to ask, and it’s pretty vital to the ongoing success of this blog, and will probably determine how much of a priority I make its ongoing updates.

Quite simply, I want to know if you’re reading. I’m not one of those people who enjoys writing for my own benefit. I want to engage others in conversation, or at least know they’re listening. Even if you have nothing to say, it would mean a lot if you would post a quick comment whenever you stop by, even if just to say “Joe was here.”

So here’s to the new blog. I hope you visit often, and that you’ll find something on a regular basis that makes you laugh or smile.




15 responses

24 06 2008

Jon Schroeder was here.

Rob says: Sweet. You’re my first blog comment. Are you still writing lots? If you have a blog, send me the link and I’ll add you to my blogroll.

24 06 2008

We still have to discuss the book I sent you away with! 😉

Janna was here

Rob says: Yup, it was a good one. I’m reading the one you sent for Liesl now. Your blog might inspire me to keep a booklist of my own on my blog since I am reading so much lately. Maybe even post some book reviews of the stuff I’m reading.

24 06 2008

Uh… Joe was here…

Rob says: “You funny. No, YOU funny!”

24 06 2008
Teri Martinez

Yeah for Rob writing again! I will be sure to read on a regular basis. I love you,
Aunt Teri.

Rob says: Thanks! Glad to know you’re reading. I love you, too!

24 06 2008
Terri Spratte

I think it great you decided to do this and update on your adventures in New Mexico 🙂 looking forward to reading more!

Rob says: Thanks, Terri! We miss you!

25 06 2008

Thanks – I need to know you are ok! Love you guys!

Rob says: Yup, so far, so good. Glad to know you can access the blog from work. We need to get you some internet at home! 🙂

25 06 2008

i’m a-readin’! congrats on the newest little Sanchez that’s in the oven right now. 🙂

Rob says: Thanks, and congrats to you on getting married!

25 06 2008
Edie C.

Looking forward to reading and keeping up with you all.

Rob says: Thanks, Edie! Keep in touch and let me know how your family’s doing, too. Tell Abbey we miss our favorite babysitter!

25 06 2008

Hey, of course we’re reading! I want to know as much as I can and as much as anyone in your family (especially the little kids) are willing to tell me. Love you. Miss you.

Rob says: I have some video of the kids I will try to include in the blog as soon as I get advanced enough to figure out how to do that. I’ve got a whole list of blog topics already, so hopefully it will be enough to keep you connected. Love and miss you, too!

26 06 2008

Joe’s wife was here. I am excited to hear more.

Rob says: “Joe’s wife” made me smile, very clever. Say hi to Joe and the rest of the family for us, too. Hope you’re all doing well.

26 06 2008
John T

Have you used the horno yet, made bread or wood fired pizza?

Rob says: Not yet, though that’s on my list of things to do soon. You can’t have a great horno like that and not make use of it. Granny and Grandad just explained to me this past weekend how to use it correctly, so we will bake some bread in it sometime this week, most likely. I’ll take some pictures and blog about it.

28 06 2008

Robin Gallup would make a fantastic pen name, for all the articles and stories you’ll write!

Rob says: Yeah, it sounds to me like a Western novelist. Liesl thinks it sounds like a porn star. Uh-oh…

30 06 2008

I read it as ‘Robing All Up’ which was a relief because I didn’t want a ‘naturalist’ blog to read….

Rob says: Reminds me of the infamous “Pen Island” website…

1 07 2008
Corrie Brockman

Corrie was here. Great stories! Great descriptions! I really enjoy reading about Bigfoot!!! 🙂 Give your wife a squeeze for me and the kiddies too!

Rob says: I will, for sure. Keep taking care of that beautiful baby of yours. Glad you’re reading.

1 07 2008
Aunt Janene

Loved hearing about your adventures. Takes me back (a lot of years!)

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